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The Big Stinky

Jett fills us in on the results of The Big Stinky experiment.

So, The Big Stinky was a fun experience. It was basically just a big glass jar that you put rotting meat, fish, dog sh--, or whatever disgusting things you have sitting around in it that will attract flies. We opted for a week old New York strip and a pair of Zoila's dirty undies, which Jeff successfully heisted from her closet without her noticing. Then I hung it from a tree in the sun and we waited for the fun to begin. Keen eyes will notice that Jeff actually had me hang it over the neighbor's yard, as there was no way that smelly thing was going to be in his back yard! We were all so excited when it caught its first fly. Then it caught another, and another, and another. Then it caught a dragonfly, some mosquitos, several bees, spiders, a bunch of ants crawled in there, and it almost got a squirrel. After about a month insects from all corners of Los Angeles county were flocking to West Knoll Drive to sample the filthy pant-load of death that was cooking in the yard. It was epic. Soon enough though it wasn't just catching, it was growing maggots. Jeff decided that a Big Stinky full of maggots wasn't going to fly (haha), so we threw it in the trash and brought a particularly smelly chapter at JLD to a close. 

I wasn't too surprised to see Sarah get fired in this episode, mainly because I remember when it happened in real life several months ago. But kidding aside, I really did not expect her to see her go with them being all related and what not. It must have been hard for Jeff, because Sarah's one of the nicest people on earth, but it looks like he had been pretty unhappy about her performance for quite some time. It definitely served as a stern warning to all of us. Jeff has zero tolerance for mistakes -- one day you're in, the next day you're out!