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Learn, Grow, and Succeed

Trace thanks Jeff for teaching him so much.

As I sit down to write this blog, I can't help but think about all of the memories I have of working with Jeff Lewis. Although many of you might be surprised, they are all relatively happy and fun moments we've shared. In the truest sincerity, I am very fortunate to have worked for Jeff, and I thank him for the opportunity he gave me. Not in a way a reality television contestant thanks the show's producer, but the way a son would thank his father for teaching him all he has to know. I was able to work really closely to someone I admire, and through our journey together I learned so much from him. 

I think that with any job, you go into it hoping to learn, grow, and succeed. I definitely achieved all of those things while working for Jeff –- and he had a big role in helping me accomplish them. There was a time I sensed my opportunity of progression slowing down, and I felt I would be happiest leaving my position and finding something where I could continue to grow. I wasn't sure when or what that would be, but I knew it was in the cards for me. I think Jeff sensed that in me and felt like I had lost a spark. 

I hadn't anticipated leaving as soon as I did, but I took losing my job as an opportunity to move forward rather than be upset or hurt. I have since started my own design company and aspire to impact someone the way Jeff has influenced me.

I want to thank everyone for watching the show -– it's been one crazy ride and I'm glad you could be there every step of the way with me.