'Out' Takes

Episode 4: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

Jul 27, 20110

No. 3 The Sweet Sound of "Shut Up"

I think everyone watching Zoila in recovery was biting their nails in worry. Even though we know she made it out fine (and wrinkle free), it was still somewhat traumatic. Those terrible noises she was making while the nurse kept telling her to breathe were frankly horrifying. But all of us, including the JLD team, were able to breathe a much needed sigh of relief once Zoila whispered, "Shut up," to Jeff after he made a snarky comment. Sass is a sure sign of a speedy recovery, so she'll be back to keeping Jeff in line and watching her telenovelas in no time.


this comment is for jeff. i was your show every weeks, i totally understand you and the way you care about your business, now a day...most of the people don't put 100% at work, just totally lazy and not responsible, try everything to get away with things. i understand you. and i think you are a great person and have a hugh heart, you go way beyond for your employee...very nice, super nice!!! btw are you a "libra