'Out' Takes

Episode 2: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

Jul 12, 2011

Greetings, Jeff Lewis junkies and Flipping Out fanatics! In the spirit of Jeff's need to simplify, I'll be selecting the top three moments from each episode. And if you disagree with my choices, well... share your personal picks in the comments.

No. 3: Bee-mused

Jenni's tussle with a bee took the No. 3 spot, mostly because I am now mystified by Jenni's hair. Does she use some sort of super sticky product? Are her curls so tight that the bee really couldn't escape even after whipping her hair back and forth? (Maybe this is what Willow Smith really had in mind when she penned that song.) Jeff even had to pull over the car so Trace could swat it out of her luscious, Grecian locks. 

And of course Jeff just laughed the whole time.

No. 2: Double Flip

This week we got the first full-fury flip out of the season. And it was a two-for-one affair. Jeff really laid into Zoila for being late. Never blame the traffic for tardiness at JLD or you'll end up having Jeff shouting, "This is LA. There's traffic everywhere!" I have to admit, kind of seemed like a valid point. At least in New York if you say you're late because a fight broke out on your subway train, no one bats an eye.