'Out' Takes

Episode 6: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

Aug 9, 2011

No. 2 Gotcha!

What's the best way to welcome back an employee who's been recovering from surgery for weeks? Play a prank on her! It's the JLD way. As if it wasn't bad enough that Jeff kept giving Zoila a hard time about coming back to work because he thought Lupe the temporary maid was doing a better job, he decided to trick her with a fake coffee spill. Jeff had one of those little gag cups that look like something spilled. The kind you got at Gadgets and Gizmos (remember that store?) at your local mall in the '90s. And although I enjoyed being transported back to my childhood mall experiences, I did not enjoy seeing Zoila toyed with on her first day back. But she was a good sport, and I think she appreciates a good prank.