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Extreme Partying

Sarah talks about her wild party and explains why she didn't go to Jeff's speaking engagement.

Jeff totally freaked Zoila out the morning of her surgery, and it was pretty hectic. Jeff was harassing her, basically to ease his nervousness, which was really upsetting Zoila. No surprise. He means "well" though. I never thought I would be able to watch the surgery, but maybe because it was someone that we care about, "Sweetises" Zoils, that made it different. Jenni, Jeff, and I were totally freaked out when the nurse had trouble waking her up. Of course Zoila pulled through and she is looking so FLY!

Jeff had arranged a speaking engagement in Vegas and offered to throw me a bachelorette party in conjunction. The trip began with Jeff telling his staff on the plane that we were not obligated to attend his speaking engagement whatsoever. So, with that said, we enjoyed ourselves to the extreme and partied! Our dinner and strip club visit were awesome, and I know most of us enjoyed ourselves. With the exception of one person.  

The next morning Trace, Jett, and I did not attend Jeff's speaking engagement, as Jeff reassured us that it was not necessary. We believed him. I guess we were misled.

Of course the girls at the Sapphire Gentleman's Club were great. For me, home is where the heart is!