What Happens in Vegas...

Trace thinks two years with Jeff Lewis was good prep for Vegas.

So I guess I should have listened to my mother with the never-more-prevalent-than-now, "What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, especially while filming a reality TV show." OK, so that last part I added but good advice nonetheless. The gang did Vegas in the last episode for Sarah's bachelorette party, and all the while Zoila was recuperating from her "birthday present." Going into a weekend like that you really need to prepare yourself, but I knew I'd be all right with heavy alcohol intake, because I've spent over two years working with Jeff Lewis.

Over the years working side by side, Sarah and I have gotten to be really close. So I knew when there was a bachelorette party in Las Vegas for her, things were about to get a little crazy. We had a great time and were encouraged to have fun. Jeff's speaking engagement at the design center was on day two of the trip. I actually called it an early night by Vegas standards. I didn't indulge that much more in the Sapphire festivities than Jeff and Gage because, well, the strippers weren't exactly my type.

The morning of Jeff's speaking engagement, I was really under the impression he wanted us to enjoy our weekend off and celebrate with Sarah. Had he wanted me to attend his event, I would have been happy to do so. It's unfortunate I wasn't there to support him because I never want Jeff to be disappointed, especially with me.

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