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Bad Boys

Zoila was grossed out by all of Gage and Jeff's toilet clogging.

I think it was funny when Gage clogged the toilet because of a big burrito. It happened before anyone came to the office in the morning, but Jeff couldn't stay quiet about it. He told everyone about it. After a while, I felt bad for Gage. He looked embarrassed. Jeffrey likes to joke and laugh though. Sorry, Gage.

Only two or three days later, Jeffrey does the same thing! Bad boys, so disgusting. I think the word is karma? I liked when Jeffrey fixed the toilet though. I don't want to be cleaning the poo plug from the toilets. He was so gross though when he cleaned it in the sink and got poo water everywhere. He is a cochino (piggy)!

Jeff's always giving me nice presents for my birthday. Last year I got my Mini Cooper, this year it was a face lift and eye lift. When he told me I can have a surgery, I was thinking about getting work on my Boo Boo or maybe breast implants. Maybe I could find a nice young man to date or marry? But then I said, I am not a young woman. I decided on a face lift and eyes instead. Maybe I will look younger? I was very nervous, but I was excited because I was thinking, maybe I get to rest for a little while. Maybe I can watch my telenovelas?   

Wonder what I can get for next birthday...