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I Need a Raise

Zoila thinks she deserves a raise for putting up with Jeff (and his electric pen).

I like Jeffrey's new house. It's smaller and easier for me to clean, and I don't have to work so hard. But it's hard for me too, because he can see me all the time, and I can't watch my telenovelas like I used to! I see Jeffrey working so hard this year with all the driving.   

He's crazy about not making the mistakes. I tell him no need to watch me, because I am working hard and never make mistakes. He's still keeping a close eye on me though.

Sarah made Guillermo happy posing on the stairs. She looked good, I didn't know she could do that. She needs more practice to being Dawn though. She's not mean enough yet. Maybe Deb is better at the job?

The electric shock pen was no good. Now, everytime I think I want a coffee or lunch, Jeffrey makes me use the shock pen. He's a silly man, Jeffrey Lewis, but I'm making money. I think I need a raise...