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My New Face

Zoila loves how she looks, but she won't be letting Jeff use that photo for her Christmas card.

I'm so happy I had my surgery and every day I say, "Thank you, Jeffrey Lewis." I never knew Jeff was there the whole time until I saw the show. BAD BOY, Jeffrey Lewis. He was telling me I need to shave everywhere, and that I would look like a mummy when we were driving to the doctor. He's so rude sometimes. Maybe he was nervous? Dr. Evans was so good with me though, and I love my new face. But Jeffrey needs to know, I like to sleep in. It was nice when he was nervous though about me waking up. I don't remember my recovery stay, so I did not realize that Jeff and Gage were taking pictures for the Christmas card. It's terrible. No way will I let them use it for the holiday. No way, sorry.

I was sorry I didn't get to go to Sarah's party in Las Vegas. I love Vegas. Gambling, drinking, dancing. Maybe I could try dancing on the bus pole? I may not look as sexy as the other girls, but maybe I'll be as good as Jenni?

When Jeffrey was speaking, it was sad to see him disappointed about Sarah, Trace, and Jett not showing up. I know he was hoping they'd come to watch. They're young and maybe had too much fun. I felt bad. I would have made the party and the speaking engagement the next day for you, Jeffrey. My face was hurting though, sorry.

Until next week, keep it gangster.