Zoila Chavez

Zoila knows that Casey is the true HBIC at Jeff Lewis Designs.

on Aug 24, 2011

I thought that when Star came to talk to the animals, she was very nice and helped a lot. Maybe we are like kids though and can't stop laughing? Jeffrey and Gage were so bad, making faces at me and making me laugh. Bad boys. I'm sorry, Star.

Sometimes I wonder who is the queen of this house, but we know it's Casey. When I come home from the weekend, Jeffrey told me about Casey, and I was so sad. We visited the hospital and my heart ached when she cried. Luckily she came home in a few days and was able to rest. 

It's always about poo at this house. It's crazy. First, no one is allowed to use the bathroom, the toilets get clogged, and now we have to help Casey go with a Q-Tip. Disgusting. I can't believe they asked me to help out.