Jenni Pulos

Jenni recaps all the back and forth between Zoila and Gage.

on Oct 30, 2012

Venice’s move in day is a not quite ready situation.
Gas not connected etc.
Jeff gets a call from the Veterinary Clinic.
A decision has to be made -- should Monkey have exploratory surgery?
With much concern Jeff gives the go ahead.

Jeff’s grandmother’s remodel is progressing and another vet call.

They found gas bubbles

Jeff feels terrible; Monkey is thirteen.

Gage gives Monkey some needed TLC that includes Zoila’s comforter.

He is lying on the floor with Monkey.

Jeff admires his parenting skills.

Zoila keeps repeating the word “bitch.”

Potential new client Jodi knows her bacon.

I love the bacon at her restaurant.

Soooo delicious.

Gage’s “Num Num Num” has finally pushed Zoila over the edge.

Jeff suggests a return to Doctor Donna.

Venice has a gas leak that has to be found.

Andy is volunteered and goes underground… and saves the day.