Gage and Zoila's Endless Teasing

Jenni recaps all the back and forth between Zoila and Gage.


Monkey has an eye infection and is throwing up.

Jeff and Andrew harass Zoila about her naughty window behavior.
Zoila wants limits put on the teasing.
Where is the fine line when the term bully comes into play?

I question Jeff’s comments at my wedding reception.
Does he understand that what he said would hurt?
Jeff has lots of opinions about the pre-wedding speeches.
I heard family, love, and encouragement.
With twelve years of experience, I get Jeff’s idea of funny…
Most of the time.
Shouting out that comment
He knows he went too far.

In Venice contractor Roberto is still way behind.
Laura looks at the work... Roberto is history.
Jeff and Roberto have a heated phone conversation.
Roberto hangs up.

At Spring Oak Gage eats a bad bacon sandwich.
He throws up.
Zoila suggests more bacon this time with grilled cheese.
She then starts pregnancy rumors.
Jeff encourages Zoila, who calls Gage “the genius.”Jeff sends Andrew to Venice to oversee the problems.
We see Andrew’s tramp stamp written in Chinese.

Someone give me some carpets to climb.
Jeff offers me a twenty to do it and touch the ceiling.
I not only touch the ceiling, I also hang in mid air.
You can see my underwear.
Jeff says, “Crazy Jenni’s back.”
Juggling Peter Pan and professional is Jeff at his best.
I hang out, aided by a forklift.

Gage refers to Zoila as swine and whine and says “Piggy.”
Zoila says she knows that “Gage is the Big Piggy.”
“I want to kill him” and “Barbie Bitch” are Zoila's ESL.
Jeff seems amused as the heat turns up at Spring Oak.

Venice has Andrew concerned for his job.
So many mistakes that have to be fixed.

Monkey needing surgery, makes Jeff question his parenting skills.

Zoila cleans Gage’s desk and she circular files a needed sample.
Gage thinks it was an act of revenge for all his Miss Piggy comments.
Zoila relocates the sample she trashed along with Spring Oak dog poo poo.
A little Z wipe and it’s on Gage’s desk.
Her way to work the system, Jeff and Zoila tell Gage, poop.Venice’s move in day is a not quite ready situation.
Gas not connected etc.
Jeff gets a call from the Veterinary Clinic.
A decision has to be made -- should Monkey have exploratory surgery?
With much concern Jeff gives the go ahead.

Jeff’s grandmother’s remodel is progressing and another vet call.
They found gas bubbles
Jeff feels terrible; Monkey is thirteen.
Gage gives Monkey some needed TLC that includes Zoila’s comforter.
He is lying on the floor with Monkey.
Jeff admires his parenting skills.

Zoila keeps repeating the word “bitch.”

Potential new client Jodi knows her bacon.
I love the bacon at her restaurant.
Soooo delicious.
Gage’s “Num Num Num” has finally pushed Zoila over the edge.
Jeff suggests a return to Doctor Donna.

Venice has a gas leak that has to be found.
Andy is volunteered and goes underground… and saves the day.Gage, Jeff, and Zoila go to the therapist.
At $350 an hour, Doctor Donna wants to put a halt to the teasing.

Jeff encourages me to do a horizontal and run with a sleeping sunbather.
He takes pictures.

Venice remodel is completed and Laura and Lucy are happy.

Gage’s computer crashes and Zoila’s vacuuming is suspected.
The teasing has resumed and the word sh-- is major in the mix.
The doctor’s assignment to be more respectful of each other bites the dust.NEXT ON FLIPPING OUT

Jeff enjoys scaring Andrew.
Andrew wants Gage to like him… good luck.
Jeff is on Doctor Donna’s couch holding his head in despair.

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Gage and the Gramercy Drama

Jenni weighs in on what went down while she's out on maternity leave.

I am MIA... You better watch the show anyway.

Jeff is on the phone with relative and realtor Carrie
Talking about photos and the open house realtor caravan.
For Sale: Gramercy is officially on the market.
Jeff says Gage hasn't talked to him for three days.
Not everyone is happy about moving.
Carrie does not think English Tudor is a hot sell description.
Jeff says mediterranean and let them be surprised when they get here.

His longtime clients the Shaws, Tommy and Jeanne, are moving to Nashville.
Jeanne wants Jeff to go to Nashville with her to find their new place.

At soon-to-be-sold Gramercy, Jeff likes to mix it up.
He is suggesting a two house purchase next.
Jeff would live in one and Gage and Zoila would live in the other.
Zolia says Gage might end up "in the refrigerator…in piece."
She makes it clear that two house idea would involve an ugly ending.

Megan says my absence is felt, and it is currently an HR epic fail.
I'm glad I'm missed.

Zoila "2014" is now hot, hot, hot.
Andrew gets $300 cash for Jeff's cussing.
He is employee of the week.
Megan is beyond disappointed that Jeff is taking Andrew to Nashville.
Zoila to Andrew: "You are kiss ass."

Jeff is putting Megan in charge of the office while he is away.
Megan finds Zoila "2014" a little intimidating.

Gage has painters working at Gramercy the day before the open house.
Jeff tells them to leave and smells not just paint but sabotage.
Gage and Gramercy will not be easily separated

Nashville: Jeff and Jeanne plus Andy.
Two days to find and buy the Shaws a new home.
Jeanne likes the remodel challenge of the first house they see.
Jeff thinks it is a waste of time.
"Everything with Jeanne is a fight."
Yiiikes… Andy is not the best driver.
Jeff says, "Andy needs learning experience."Gramercy now has Megan in charge.
Zoila responds "What a bitch…shut up…Barbie Bitch…I'm not a slave."
It's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office.
Megan's focus is to get everything ready for the open house.
Jeff's to do list needs to be followed.
Zoila's reply "Barbie Bitch" directed towards Megan becomes a chant.

In Nashville the California boys encounter chiggers (trombiculidae) for the first time.
Jeff likes a house and Jeanne is not impressed.

Gramercy now has realtors walking through.
Carrie thinks almost 80.
Gage unwillingly begins to face the reality of moving.
Jeff calls Gramercy to see the results of the open house.
Jeanne does not like his attention divided.
She reminds him loudly who's paying and further instructs him.

A homeowner in curlers running away from the door.
Jeff knows he is not in LA.

Megan is finding being in charge involves moving trash cans.
Zoila says about Jeff's work list: "I don't know where I put it."

Vanina is cooperating.

Megan tells Zoila and Maria "there's a new sheriff in town."In Nashville the houses are getting larger
The property Overton Lea has Jeff at the gate.
"It's a cool house…I like it a lot."
Jeanne is impressed.
Two and a half million, and Jeff is now seeing improvements.
An entirely new kitchen is Jeff's first vision.
Jeanne is firm about the "no" to that, and she's clearly not a fan of new cabinets.

The Lipstick Lounge and dirty bingo become a night for the group to unwind.
The next day Jeanne decides to buy the estate Overton Lea
Jeff has won a battle -- she wants to redo the kitchen.
Encouraged, he is talking furniture and Jeanne is talking "off switch."Returning home inspired, Jeff is actively looking for a new house.
The Lyric property gets a thumbs up from Jeff.
It's under a million, so he doesn't have to ask Gage.
Not so secretly Gage hopes the deal does not happen.

To lighten the tension Jeff wants to know Zoila's latest telenovela.
Vanina translates: "The Lady and the Construction Worker."

Bonnie the realtor gives Jeff potential buyer updates for Gramercy.
Two interested parties have dropped out.
Jeff is having second thoughts about selling Gramercy.
If Jeff gets 3.2 million, he will sell.
He now hopes to be able to flip and still live at Gramercy.
Gage cannot stop smiling.

I'm baaack!

Thank you for all the lovely messages and well wishes last week for Alianna and our family, it meant a lot to us.  Always remember, there is no expiration date on miracles.

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