Jenni Pulos

Jenni shares her side of the argument with Jeff.

on Nov 20, 2012

He says, “Liars, I mean … that’s like the number one … I won’t deal with.”
I did not lie to Jeff.
I am not going to lie and say I did.
Insisting on telling Jeff my truth might cost me my job.
If he is going to be miserable working with me, he probably should fire me.
He wants me to say I lied.
Jeff says it’s not about Cabo, it’s about me lying.
Jeff says he wants me to figure out my priorities.

Andrew asks Gage for Gramercy info for the new intern, Katrina.
Katrina gets Andrew’s take on Gage’s personality.
The new intern has Andrew thinking walking papers.
Forgotten receipts have Katrina sweating.
Andrew is delighted with the lack of professional perfection.

Mulholland meeting requires a disciplined work focus.
I try to stop hearing in my head all the awful things that have been said.
Lawrence the architect, Jeanne, Jeff, and I discuss the new additions.
Jeff and Jeanne are not on the same page.
Jeff is disappointed.
Lawrence just wants agreement so he can get to work.
I want out of this awful mood.
Jeff keeps saying terrible things about me that I don’t think are true.
Jeff has his version of the events.
I am looking at the same thing seeing something very different.
Jeff is bringing our problems into his client’s home.
It does not look good for Jeff to call me “my freeloading assistant.”
Jeanne defends me and it is heartbreaking.
Jeff has the words liar and lie on a loop.

At Spring Oak Jeff asks Zoila to read Sex Tips from Guys on his computer.
Zoila reads then says, “You so pervert,” and walks away.
Jeff bargains that if she reads more no more work for the rest of the night.
Sex Tips from Guys read by Zoila has Jeff in tears laughing.
“So Pervert.”
Exit Zoila.