Jenni Pulos

Jenni shares her side of the argument with Jeff.

on Nov 20, 2012

The paint contract with Dunn-Edwards is for Jeff a dream come true.
Jeff, Gage, and Vanina take a meeting at one of their stores.
They have said Jeff will have an office there.
Gage has concerns about Jeff’s behavior in a corporate environment.
The executives Nick and Brad’s expressions say it all.
Jeff comes to their workspace and tells them what he wants.
Jeff’s ideas have Nick responding, “You know we do run a business out here.”
Gage says Jeff wants to push Nick’s big buttons.
Brad and Nick are not amused.  
Gage’s temperature is rising with Jeff’s continued off point antics.

Mulholland is the location of Jeff’s discussion with Jeanne about Jenni.
Jeanne hears all about Cabo from Jeff’s point of view.

What Jeff refers to as “Cabogate” has him taking me to his therapist.
Doctor Donna hears it all.
“I think you need to think about whether you want to continue the friendship and the business… or not.”


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Tears... and more tears.