Jeff's Cockpit and Andy's Lying

Andy's "Monumental Meltdown"

Jenni Battles Lewd Snowmen

Jenni: "Crab Meat is Flying!"

Zoila was Kidnapped by "Inappropriate Aliens"

Gage and the Gramercy Drama

Jenni: Alianna is a Miracle

Jenni Talks Mini Cat Doors, Giant Paint Cans

Jeff's In-House Telenovela

Mammary Madness at Jeff Lewis Design

Jenni Talks Rough Nipples and Roller-Skating

Jeff Lewis Reflects on Monkey

Jeff and the L Word

"I Did Not Lie to Jeff."

Gage Doesn't Trust Andrew

Gage and Zoila's Endless Teasing

Jenni: Dreams Do Come True

Zoila's Tear-Filled Therapy Session

Jeff's New Boyfriend

Twist! Jeff Forgives Andrew - Ep 5

Inspector Jeffrey

Andy, Andy, Andy

There is a Time and a Place

Workplace Etiquette

Jeff Lewis, Wedding Planner

Who's the Bitch?

My Wedding Heaven Meets Jeff's Cash Calculations

The Vagina Monologues

Get Your Kicks on Route Season 6


Grammercy Gardens

Rapping Up Season 5

Truck Gas

Jeff Wants to be a Paint Star

Hey, You Never Know...

Queen of the House

We Talk to the Animals

Hanky Panky and Stinky Pink

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe!

Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

An English Cottage on Acid

Jeff's Cockpit and Andy's Lying

Jenni regrets her choice of words when comparing sexual mileage with Jeff.


Andrew just quit, and we are shorthanded.
Jeff says his dad told him “a duck is a duck”... then what is Andrew?
Lisa G.’s place is in the final phase (boxes and boxes...).
Andy’s lying is the office hot topic.
Jeff’s concern about my relationship continues.
He gives marriage advice including “tick tock, tick tock.”
Laura’s Venice remodel is taking twice as long as we expected.
No project manager leads to contractor gone wild.
Lists and lists from us are ignored, more changes and upcharges from Roberto.
Jeff gives a deadline.
Laura, saving on a project manager has gotten very expensive and given Jeff lots of headaches.

Gage tries to raise the workplace bar while interviewing Andrew replacements.
Jeff says my pre-wedding diet is not working.
I want curves... do I look fat?
Andrew calls Jeff and suggests eating and talking.
He promises not to throw things.
Gage is seriously worried a gun might be involved.
We are all requested to attend.
Vanina talks dimensions with Roberto and stands her ground.
Jeff is impressed.
Lots of bodies have been thrown under Roberto’s blame game bus.
Am I overweight? Wedding dress concerns! I ask Lisa G.
Lisa G. tells Jeff he has a big heart
He says not to tell anyone.
Jeff and I do comparisons of all kinds of mileage.
He says I am low mileage.
Hear that, mom?
Did I say Jeff...cockpit...
You did not hear that, mom. Nancy our house manager and former LAPD officer gives the staff a checkup.
Zoila’s past is exposed.

I have some Deb-inspired moments with Roberto on the phone.
My wedding dress designer says I need to get rid of five pounds.
Andrew returns to West Knoll and tells us he has no grip on reality.
We don’t know what to believe.
Jeff gives him a second chance.
Welcome back, Andrew!
We go to Jeff's grandmother’s house, "Oh my grandson is a pain in the..." 
There are similarities.

Jeff tells Gage if he wants to start looking for an apartment he can do that now.