Jenni Pulos

Jenni regrets her choice of words when comparing sexual mileage with Jeff.

on Oct 2, 2012

Gage tries to raise the workplace bar while interviewing Andrew replacements.
Jeff says my pre-wedding diet is not working.
I want curves... do I look fat?
Andrew calls Jeff and suggests eating and talking.
He promises not to throw things.
Gage is seriously worried a gun might be involved.
We are all requested to attend.
Vanina talks dimensions with Roberto and stands her ground.
Jeff is impressed.
Lots of bodies have been thrown under Roberto’s blame game bus.
Am I overweight? Wedding dress concerns! I ask Lisa G.
Lisa G. tells Jeff he has a big heart
He says not to tell anyone.
Jeff and I do comparisons of all kinds of mileage.
He says I am low mileage.
Hear that, mom?
Did I say Jeff...cockpit...
You did not hear that, mom.