Jenni Pulos

Jenni was happy to research blow-up dolls for Jeff.

on Oct 9, 2012

Jeff’s addiction to the thrill of the flip has Gage reeling.
Spring Oak is now their new home.
Gage is having trouble with the “my way or the highway” of it all.

Full wedding mode with Jenny Yoo’s 16 in 1 bridesmaids dresses.
Zoila, Kameron, and my sister, Krisann, have their fittings.

Andrew’s second chance included a hand-delivered wedding invitation.

Jeff loves moving, and change is the name of the game.
Purging is Jeff’s idea of heaven. Zoila not so much.
Having moved Jeff at least 45 times, I am familiar with the drill.
Gage is seeing the real Jeff Lewis in action.
Goodbye, West Knoll! Hello, Spring Oak!