Jenni Pulos

Jenni Pulos describes her Chicago wedding as only she can.

on Oct 23, 2012

At Spring Oak it is all about my wedding last minute details

We will all be in Chicago 

In the car Jeff remembers some bad memories from four years ago

The Venice remodel is all about closets … get to work Roberto

Discussing design plans with Jeff’s grandmother
She just wants it done

Jeanne tells Jeff her husband Tommy is singing at my wedding

Jeff stirs it up with his fantasies about my old roommate … Yawn

Sometimes people have a problem with Jeff’s… humor

I am honestly concerned for my future in-laws

Will they get the jokes?

Wedding details are a bottomless pit and I am now in free fall

Jeff is in Chicago to help me with the wedding

I go with Jonathan when he is fitted for his tux

All of Jeff Lewis Design checks into the hotel

Zoila can be heard in the lobby saying loudly to Jeff "chut up"

My sister Krisann and I for body improvement are wrapped in plastic

I supposedly lost 15 inches?

We talk about my ex Chris … I learned a lot

Two big Greek families at dinner becoming one huge Greek family

Jeff’s family in town for the wedding also has a dinner

He says they are like the Mafia

Jeff thought it best to keep a safe distance from all the praying Greeks