Jenni Pulos

Jenni Pulos describes her Chicago wedding as only she can.

on Oct 23, 2012

Reception Ballroom at the Radisson has Jeff worried 

Will it all come together in time? 

Rishi from HM Event Design is calm and has everything under control

The decor thanks to Jeff, HMR Designs, and Chad Jackson is stunning!

Marrying Jonathan changes so many things

I think Jeff is nervous about how this redefines our relationship

He is not as happy as I would have wished about his gift of collar stays

I tell Jeff I love him and thank him for everything

He has walked me through so much and I am forever grateful

St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church
It's time!

Marc Bouwer has designed my wedding dress with so much love

My dad Michael walks me down the aisle

I stand with Jonathan celebrating the blessings of marriage

My mother Alice sees her prayers answered

Gage thinks about how he would like his wedding

10 people on the beach is more his speed

Jeff compliments all involved with the beautiful reception room

My heart is filled with thanks 

Bless the wonderful people who are here to support us

We are introduced at the reception … Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Nassos

Dreams do come true! 

Never give up on love!

A dear friend Tommy Shaw lead singer of Styx sings for us

We have our first dance as a married couple

More Greek well wishes inspire Jeff to drink at every mention of God
Lots of drinking