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My Wedding Heaven Meets Jeff's Cash Calculations

Jenni Pulos thinks Jeff may have forgotten whose wedding it is.

Jeff admits his sport of choice is pushing peoples’ buttons.

Zoila’s Lupe button gets pushed over and over.

Jeanne’s Mulholland to do list is being expanded in major ways.

Jeff’s talk of rug and house purchases has Gage wanting new rules.

Zoila gets to watch Jeff give her dusting lessons.

Jeff’s buttons are burning bright hot with all that surrounds my wedding.

Gramercy is very demanding and expensive; Jeff seems to be getting bored with it all.

His Gramercy button’s hot when a car does serious damage to an outer wall.

The driver of the car did not leave a note, so Jeff writes yet another check. Writing all the checks Jeff does must be stressful so…he is exploding over my wedding expenses!

Every part of my big, Greek, American wedding is driving him over the edge.

He screams, “I am burning money!”

Doesn’t every girl want a water wall at the reception?

I am thinking former birthday party clown pays lots of people for their services.

I get my dream wedding and lots of people get jobs and checks…sounds good to me.

Jeff says it is his my day and does not want me having what I want to ruin it...for him.

I want bacon. I get bacon.

Food tasting has Jeff in calculator overdrive.

Whose wedding is this anyway? I am grateful to every person to whom I wrote a check.

Heartfelt thanks to the incredible Chad Jackson and Bob and Rishi at HM Designs (Heffernan Morgan).

These guys know how to make a girl’s dream come true.

Jonathan’s beautiful sister modeled her bridesmaid dress for us.

She and eight others will be lovely in the wedding.

Jeff encourages Andy to model one of the dresses.

Toss up as to what is scarier -- Andy’s Chicago driving or the above.

I am focused on my future husband and our families celebrating.

Jeff is focused and really spinning on how much it will all cost.

Here we just see things very differently.

While we are in Chicago, Gage is keeping LA moving along.

Jeanne from Mulholland gives Gramercy needed cred with her approval.

Jeff may have rekindled house love.

Jonathan, I love you, and I want our day to be something we cherish forever.

Next week tune in to see who exactly is crying (or is Andy crying by himself?).