Jenni Pulos

Jenni weighs in on all the client drama that's put Jeff back in the flipping business.

on Mar 26

Gramercy is where Jeff tells us his cussing has to stop.
Jeffrey will fine himself twenty dollars per infraction.
His verbal dirty dancing is out of hand and fines are the way to go.
Jeff gives Zoila the finger…fingers I guess are free. 

Clients’ business managers are now financial speed bumps for Jeffery.
Stress brings the F word to the party in a big way.
Two Fs in the car cost him forty and the day has just started. 

Pacific Palisades clients Hania and Amir need a complete renovation.
Mini cat doors are something Jeff did not expect to be included.
Hania suggests a slide from the top of the garage to the pool.
Jeff puts the brakes on this suggestion using words like tasteful and immediately calls her architect, who may need medication to go with this flow.