Jenni Talks Rough Nipples and Roller-Skating

Now that Jenni's pregnant, her privates are no longer a private topic of conversation...

Rough Nipples, Roller-Skating, and Remodels

I might be "over sharing" talking about roughing up my nipples with Jeff. Getting ready to breast feed and dealing with breast questions is where I am now. Jeff is hearing me say "maternity leave" and I feel like the size of a hall closet -- it's a big baby.

Deb is on the phone and her down and dirty gets the job done.

Gage is now one of the gang in our main work area. A fake snake behind a pillow has Gage saying the word "butch" in reference to Andrew.

George and Monica Eads are Jeff"s new clients. He is a lead actor on the television program CSI. Their Hollywood Hills home meets Jeff Lewis Design. Jeff is having a Sally Field moment with a twist: "They need me. They really need me." Gil is our current contractor and Jeff gives the Eads his seasoned renovation 411. Jeff's business is up 200% ... 300%. "Whole house" from multiple potential clients is music to Jeff's ears. Business is booming.

La Mirada is another current project from Chaz Dean, the property adjacent to his salon.

Cat Gosselaar is a new client. Her husband is the actor Mark-Paul from Saved By the Bell…Zach! One of Jeff and I's favorite shows. This will be light remodeling in the Hollywood Hills for another mom to be. I scare Jeff with my mothering skills. How many wrong ways can you hold a baby? Let me show you.

At Gramercy Jeff Lewis Design is preparing the launch of Jeff"s paint line.We tear the Eads' house apart and the contractor is having client confabs. Jeff is thinking this contractor has business boundary issues.

Zoila informs me that when you give birth, shit happens. Referring to it as poo poo does not ease the potential harsh reality. Jeff is worried I am going to deliver during one of our drives and mess up his Mercedes.

Andrew looks for a little person to be a paint can for Jeff's paint promotion. He wanders Hollywood Boulevard. Dunn-Edwards HQ did not approve of Andrew gushing, "Do you know any little people?"

Uh oh. Jeff goes into immediate damage control. Gage now has more reason to be unimpressed with Andrew.

Our client Monica takes the entire office roller skating. Andy is a rolling Richard Simmons vision. Athletic activity and this particular Andrew are not a match made in heaven. Jeff skates and builds a friendship with the Eads.

Their house is now a wooden skeleton and Jeff is putting a stop to Gil's up selling and terror tactics.

Big baby and husband stitch are car conversations. My private area is no longer private. Human Resources (me) needs to file a complaint to (me).

Contractor Gil is talking with the Eads' project accountant and Jeff says "Strike Three."

Deb talks warmly to a client.

Jeff interviews little people.

New contractor David is going to do the framing at the Eads' house and I volunteer a promise ring.

Andy and newly hired Eric will be dancing paint cans for Jeff Lewis Color.

"OMG my water broke" Jeff's heart stopped beating. Gage and I got him good!

He then talked with a psychic, who said "no heels" and that "I would fall." He mentioned chaining me to the bed. He is panicking about a Jenni-absent "office zone." Awww!

It's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office.Next Week on Flipping Out:

Jenni Battles Lewd Snowmen

Jenni dishes on her HR struggles during the office's attempt at a "new day."


Jeff's therapist Doctor Donna explains it all to me and Jeff.
We need to be professional.
Jeff explains it to the office at Gramercy.
Following the doctor's instruction, I ask everyone to do a little homework.
When they are at home, they write down what respect means.
Adding how they feel they have been disrespected at the office.
Jeff is not happy with the business time waste.
I am visibly unhappy with the behavior that causes it.
Zoila weighs in on respect, which she thinks is at zero all round.
Design Dad AKA Jeff wants a "new day'" starting tomorrow.
Andy clearly still wants to play "old day."
Jeff finds something obscene to stir the pot before the "new day."
Human Resources not amused.

New clients George and Monica Eads are down to the studs.
The budget has gone way up for their renovation in the Hollywood Hills.
Monica has to tell her husband George.
Never a fun moment to tell your significant other about shipping purchases or a renovation budget increase.

In Playa Del Rey client Judy's beach house is for sale.
She is moving to Palm Desert.
Jeff makes it clear he wants to buy her incredible beach house.

Gramercy is dealing with Andrew's construction crushes.
Plus we are questioning his shirtless employee screen-savers.
Personal and professional boundaries have to be established ASAP.
Andy and the word or concept of boundary are in no way connected.
Cast as the enforcer by default causes my popularity to take a holiday.
Jeff needs to support me, and frankly he would rather be the leader of the bad boys.
Just call me Buzz Kill. "New Day" at Gramercy begins with an early office meeting and truth encounter.
Jeff is surprised at the amount of employee complaints.

Monica is taken to meet with Joseph the owner of Living Square.
Jeff hopes he can entertain her with some renovation details.
Megan cannot believe that every plumbing fixture can be provocatively described.

Andy and Megan visit the Eads' work site to supervise David the contractor and his crew. "Cracking the whip" is a term Andy prefers to use.
Andrew volunteers that "Megan will give you special favors" for speedy completion. Megan is embarrassed and asks contractor David to ignore Andy.
She is questioning the "New Day" concept when dealing with Andy's "old day" behavior.
At Gramercy Andrew's boundary free conduct is discussed with Jeff.
How are things ever going to change heading in the current direction?
Jeff keeps boundaries blurry with his own crossover fun.
Gramercy is the setting for Zoila and Gage's war zone.
When she calls him "a bitch" in "New Day" Jeff and I  have to step in: "Jenni we're stopping all this crap."Judy in Playa Del Rey has strong opinions and gives Jeff as good as she gets.
I love it.
Jeff wants her beach house, so he thinks he's on good behavior.
And he sweetly asks for a "special price."
Jeff thinks she is steps ahead of his games, because she's a therapist.
And he casually asks her to define his issues.
She without hesitation says he is "needy with low self-esteem."
I don't think these are the answers he was expecting.
She says we are both "passive aggressive."
I quickly admit to being needy with low self-esteem.
Are these the ties that bind us?

Jeff and Megan do another walk through at the Eads renovation with David. Measurements are not adding up, and Jeff is stressing.

Gage blows the whistle on Andy's office iPad photo saying, "He's a weird dude."
Snowmen with a lewd human close encounter...and carrots are involved.
Clients don't need that nasty revelation imbedded accidentally by Andy into a work file. Andy is told to remove it -- the snowmen three-way has to go.
He refuses and is clearly upset thinking we are all overreacting.
Jeff is having some very unpleasant employee realizations.

We found out Andrew has not been taking his medication.
Jeff thinks that could explain the recent behavior.
Desperate for change Jeff is on the phone with spiritual healer David Elliot.
He wants to book ailing Office Lewis for one of David's spiritual retreats in New Mexico. Six years ago Jeff first worked with David.
A three day group bonding, healing retreat is the plan.
Jeff says there is hope for so many stunned employee faces.

Monica Eads is given the revised budget by Jeff, and it's a smidgen over a million.
Her husband George is willing to look at the new numbers.

In Palm Desert and we are working on the design consultation with Judy.
What goes where is a Jeff versus Judy showdown.
Arguing over pottery placement is driving Judy to drink.
After a few she is easing up on the opposition.
This results in Jeff being given carte blanche to get on with the job.
Judy loves the end result and is talking future work.
Then she drops the bomb: she has sold the beach house.
Someone met her price and Jeff is bummed.
He thinks she played him to get good behavior and better prices.
Jeff said he played her to get the beach house.
I hope this was an educational experience.

George Eads gives a firm OK for the new budget.

Zoila does not want to participate in Jeff's planned office retreat.
"I am not going anywhere with this guy."
Zoila is not up for a Telenovela free zone that includes Gage.
Does David know what he's getting himself into?
Who heals the spiritual healer?
We might need that number. At Gramercy Gage is talking about howling at the moon.
The entire office is discussing finding your spirit animal.

Our plane lands in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Design dad drives us all to the mental medication location.
Andy gets scared when the long dirt road seems to lead nowhere.
Jeff's reference to chain saw massacre delights Jeff, and Jeff only.

Watch team building send Andy over the edge and...
What's next for Jeff Lewis Design?