Jenni Talks Rough Nipples and Roller-Skating

Now that Jenni's pregnant, her privates are no longer a private topic of conversation...

Rough Nipples, Roller-Skating, and Remodels

I might be "over sharing" talking about roughing up my nipples with Jeff. Getting ready to breast feed and dealing with breast questions is where I am now. Jeff is hearing me say "maternity leave" and I feel like the size of a hall closet -- it's a big baby.

Deb is on the phone and her down and dirty gets the job done.

Gage is now one of the gang in our main work area. A fake snake behind a pillow has Gage saying the word "butch" in reference to Andrew.

George and Monica Eads are Jeff"s new clients. He is a lead actor on the television program CSI. Their Hollywood Hills home meets Jeff Lewis Design. Jeff is having a Sally Field moment with a twist: "They need me. They really need me." Gil is our current contractor and Jeff gives the Eads his seasoned renovation 411. Jeff's business is up 200% ... 300%. "Whole house" from multiple potential clients is music to Jeff's ears. Business is booming.

La Mirada is another current project from Chaz Dean, the property adjacent to his salon.

Cat Gosselaar is a new client. Her husband is the actor Mark-Paul from Saved By the Bell…Zach! One of Jeff and I's favorite shows. This will be light remodeling in the Hollywood Hills for another mom to be. I scare Jeff with my mothering skills. How many wrong ways can you hold a baby? Let me show you.

At Gramercy Jeff Lewis Design is preparing the launch of Jeff"s paint line.We tear the Eads' house apart and the contractor is having client confabs. Jeff is thinking this contractor has business boundary issues.

Zoila informs me that when you give birth, shit happens. Referring to it as poo poo does not ease the potential harsh reality. Jeff is worried I am going to deliver during one of our drives and mess up his Mercedes.

Andrew looks for a little person to be a paint can for Jeff's paint promotion. He wanders Hollywood Boulevard. Dunn-Edwards HQ did not approve of Andrew gushing, "Do you know any little people?"

Uh oh. Jeff goes into immediate damage control. Gage now has more reason to be unimpressed with Andrew.

Our client Monica takes the entire office roller skating. Andy is a rolling Richard Simmons vision. Athletic activity and this particular Andrew are not a match made in heaven. Jeff skates and builds a friendship with the Eads.

Their house is now a wooden skeleton and Jeff is putting a stop to Gil's up selling and terror tactics.

Big baby and husband stitch are car conversations. My private area is no longer private. Human Resources (me) needs to file a complaint to (me).

Contractor Gil is talking with the Eads' project accountant and Jeff says "Strike Three."

Deb talks warmly to a client.

Jeff interviews little people.

New contractor David is going to do the framing at the Eads' house and I volunteer a promise ring.

Andy and newly hired Eric will be dancing paint cans for Jeff Lewis Color.

"OMG my water broke" Jeff's heart stopped beating. Gage and I got him good!

He then talked with a psychic, who said "no heels" and that "I would fall." He mentioned chaining me to the bed. He is panicking about a Jenni-absent "office zone." Awww!

It's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office.Next Week on Flipping Out:

Jenni: "Crab Meat is Flying!"

Jenni dishes on the Lewis family food fight and the session with Dr. Donna.


At Gramercy Jeff is having naughty night nurse fantasies...
…about who is at my house, which he is happily sharing with the office.
The present state of my private parts is a cheery office topic.
No, no, and NO!
I am serving notice -- there is a new Jenni in town.
The out of control office antics have given a stern face to HR.

Jeff's paint line is flying off the shelves
Will more workers be needed at Jeff Lewis Design?

Lisa and Gary's Calabasas landscaping is a multiple choice challenge.
People need to agree.
Lisa wants us out, but we have plants to place, then plants to move, see the vision, and place somewhere else.
It's all about being specific.
Phase 2, which Lisa said would never happen…
Never say never.
We love you, Lisa!

Jeff doesn't stop encouraging Zoila to twerk at Gramercy. 
He also comments on my current size, shape, and choice of outfit.
Jeffrey is expanding into the area of fashion consultant.
I love my belt, Jeffrey.Chaz Dean's remodel at La Mirada needs to be cold.
The budget for this job is frozen.
Mark the contractor however is feeling the heat.

Andrew is put in charge of applying the "get it done now" pressure.
At La Mirada he finds the contractor MIA and the workers MIA.
Andy hopes this challenge will reveal his managerial skill set.

Jeff wants to take over the decisions regarding Lisa's landscaping.
This Calabasas job needs to be done ASAP.
Vanina's "I bought 'em for her" Double Ds are shared with Lisa.
My HR self is now in full fail zone.

Gramercy is keeping new hire Katrina busy with the paint line.
The work load is huge and she needs help.
Gage likes the good stress of it all.

Scott, Jeff's attorney, plans a big dinner for Jeff's dad's birthday.
He has been Tom's attorney for 30 years.
Jeff thinks a booze cruise around the harbor sounds like a plan.
Newport Beach are you ready for us?
A small problem due to someone's lack of nautical skills…
The boats have escaped!
Jeff blames his lack of censor on his family's standard of behavior.
Two boats and a food fight are their way to party hearty.
Crab meat is flying!
Yes, that is me (now a momma) throwing food and having fun misbehaving.
Even the HR "buzzkill" needs an outlet.
There goes my Mom off camera running to church to light some large candles.
Praying for me that maturity is better late than never.
Andy is now instructed by Jeff to be contractor Mark's worst nightmare.
"I'll crack your balls" is Andy's idea of in charge speak.

Gramercy welcomes new intern Romy to help Katrina.
Hope she is a survivor in Jeff Lewis Design's world of cray cray.
Gage thinks the toilet rules may be a cause for no return.

Mark's young son is visiting the La Mirada job site.
Will he need therapy after watching Andy in full managerial mode? 

Jeff and I interview potential remodel clients in Westwood.
Nikki and Robbie are both dentists and reluctantly agree when Jeff talks price.
The hard, cold, cash, remodel facts can be a dream buster.
Jeff is just the messenger, and it's not always fun. 

Andy is trying to break the new intern.
He wants her gone.
I read Jeff a list with the requirements for successful leaders.
The harsh reality is adult behavior will now be required.

On the La Mirada job site my limits are tested.
You do what you have to do.
Hand washing and dedication are the name of the game.Jeff thinks Andy's babysitting Mark has done the trick and things are moving.
Romy our newbie quit -- she lasted one day.
Everyone does not think it's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office.
Honestly, HR is seriously concerned about the current office atmosphere.

Chaz does a check it out walk through at La Mirada.
Andy gets applause, Jeff is thrilled.

Gramercy is group focused ordering Jeff's undies online.
Jeff thinks his old ones will be a fun face mask for Megan.
She loudly disagrees while ripping them off -- I write Jeff up.
Jeff is informed that his idea of joking is abusive by Dr. Donna his therapist.
We need her help to get the office behavior in sync with sanity.
Dr. Donna tells Jeff he is the leader and needs to set an example.
She tells me to be comfortable stating, "Get out!"
I can do this, Deb to the rescue.
There's a new Jenni at Jeff Lewis Design.
New rules, new day.
Zoila reads her list of complaints: "Please don't call me fat piggy."
Andrew needs to remove the porno he's sharing from his iPad.
Oh no they didn't.
To make it a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office is going to take some serious work.