Burning Questions

See how Amy Poliakoff, Maggie Schaffer, Liz Margulies, Angela Pham, and Claudia Martinez Reardon are doing post-show.

Oct 1, 2012

Amy Poliakoff

Bravotv.com: Were you shocked that Maggie came to you and apologized?
Amy Poliakoff: I was at Mokai night club the night that Maggie and Liz had their drama. I noticed all the girls were leaving. I wasn't involved with the drama. I only heard that their was an issue later. I was totally shocked when Maggie came to me as we did not have a relationship really at that time. I am not shocked by Liz's reaction. It was a surprise that Maggie came to me and it really meant a lot to me that she came to me for advice.

Bravotv.com: How shocked where you when you found out that you had taken the job Maggie was also after? Are you on good terms?
AP: Maggie and I are on good terms. She came to me with an apology like an adult. I'd say fate happens for a reason. We both were looking for gallery work, and I was a better fit for the gallery and their programming. Everyone has a path and I think Maggie will find a new direction to travel.

Bravotv.com: Where are you working now? Are you still at the same gallery?
AP: I am still at Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery and enjoy handling their public relations. The gallery represents some great established and emerging contemporary photo-realists. It has been a pleasure learning about this niche market and working for Frank Bernarducci. Also, in the end my father did not sell the apartment -- but I just signed a lease to a new pad and look forward to starting that adventure.

Bravotv.com: What surprised you most watching the show? How have people reacted to you after seeing the show?
AP: Seeing the other womens' commentary and reactions on scenes is not only a surprise but interesting as it can narrate and navigate the way things happened. I like walking down the street and having random people say "Hey it's a Gallery Girl!" Always gives me a smile on my face.

Bravotv.com: Any advice for people wanting to break into the art world?
AP: Intern, intern, intern!