Phoebe's Style Profile

Is there anyone who doesn't love Phoebe's ulta-feminine and Bohemian style? Find out what exactly makes her wardrobe feel so effortless.

Costume Designer Cynthia Summers describe's Phoebe's style best: "Phoebe’s character is worldly. She’s traveled a lot, she’s been a model in her life, she’s been married to this kajilionaire, so she personally has a lot of freedom. And so she’s not worried about so much what she looks like, she dresses how she feels."



While Phoebe's character may not worry what she looks like, it's a given that she will show up to any event looking amazing. Long, layered jewelry, Isabel Marant maxi dresses, and slouchy cowboy boots are in constant rotation for a flower child like Phoebe. And we love (read: envy) that.


When it is time to get a bit dressier, Phoebe will go sexier. Backless, sheer, flowy...they all have a place in her wardrobe.

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