Guess Which Explosive Ingredient Goes Into This Hard-to-Find Whiskey

This rare moonshine makes a truly mind-blowing cocktail.

In a secret garage in the Rocky Mountains, a guy named “Todd” is making an unusual and incredibly rare whiskey, and everyone who's heard of it wants a taste. This guy, who used to work for a major whiskey label, wants to remain anonymous for a reason: The whiskey he’s making is 100-proof moonshine. Not only that, it has an ingredient in it that could seriously damage the furniture if something goes wrong. 

Todd’s whiskey—made with a dash of actual gunpowder—is explosive in more ways than one. It’s being desperately sought after by a bartender at a monthly pop-up dinner club in Denver that’s notoriously tough to get into. He wants to wow guests with a cocktail made with gunpowder whiskey, but he can’t seem to find it.

In Going Off the Menu Episode 106, co-hosts Liza DeGuia and Russell Jackson—food-scene insiders who've made their reputation by getting access to the most hard-to-get-into places—help out a client named Heidi who is determined to get into this dining club. But the only way to get her in is for Russell and Liza to figure out how to get their hands on some gunpowder whiskey.

What Liza and Russell find on their adventure will show Heidi a side of her city she never knew existed. Along the way, the trio discovers an incredible off-the-menu Shanghai-style feast, prepared by a classically trained Chinese chef, in a totally unexpected place. To find out what happens on their quest, check out Going Off the Menu Episode 106. Then catch up on the entire six-episode series on


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