Going Off the Menu

Think You're the Ultimate Sandwich Expert? Take Our Quiz and Prove It!

Do you know your cheesesteak from your muffuletta?

Drools upon first scent of salami. Can endlessly debate the perfect build of a tuna melt. Never fails to conquer a Dagwood. If all of these could someday grace your tombstone, you may be a proper sandwich fanatic. But are you a true expert on the specific ingredients that make up your beloved meat-on-bread concoctions? Time to officially put your sandwich IQ to the test.

Bravotv.com’s digital series Going Off the Menu takes viewers on an exclusive culinary adventure as host Graham Elliot uncovers the most delicious offerings within Los Angeles’ underground food scene. From a secret supper club serving smuggled cheeses to an eight-course liquid dinner, join Lance Bass, Cheryl Burke, Reza Farahan, and more as they give fans the secrets to unlock these extraordinary food experiences.

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