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The Real Housewife of NYC shares her Green tips!

Apr 17, 2009


It's not always easy being green. We drink enough water to fill up a pool, get plastic containers every time we order food in, and we leave the television on to entertain our pets and children. Well, the time is now to make your mark, make small changes and influence those around you. Starting with the morning, make coffee at home, or if you insist on Starbucks, don't opt for the extras. Leave off the coffee sleeve, paper napkins, and stirrers. Less is more. Refill the same water bottle or invest in a water purifier. I'm a club soda girl, so I invested in a machine called Mr. Soda that will make your own "bubble water." Children love it because it's fun to use. The plastic bottles are a massive problem, and we need to get our children on board. No more with plastic cups and bottles. Also, don't fall for the waiter's push making you feel like a loser if you want tap. I always get tap with lemon or order club soda from the gun. Then they say "Pellegrino" and I say "No, club soda from the gun at the bar."

It's not always easy being green.

Now onto those plastic containers. Keep them, wash them, and reuse them. I've now gotten to the point where I cringe when someone throws one out. As for bottles, buy pitchers and make soft drinks. It will save you a bundle. Even better, packaged drinks aren't good for you, so cutting back has a triple incentive -- your health, your wallet, and of course the environment.

Also, important is buying produce that is in season and local. It is definitely less expensive, and it is much better for your health. A mango in the winter that flew thousands of miles, ripened in a box isn't as healthy as a fresh-picked farm stand apple. The planet will thank you for not paying for the fuel for its flight. As for your home, keep things unplugged when not in use. Just being plugged in uses energy, so pull out the toaster, coffee maker and anything else you don't need.