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Why Gail Simmons went green and why you should too!

Oct 7, 2007


With all this in mind, Food & Wine launched Grow for Good, a campaign to raise $1 million dedicated to raising $1 million in support of local farms and sustainable agriculture. Did you know that the food choices you make every day take a major toll on the planet and the people who care for it? Until last year, I thought I knew the importance of buying food locally: Food tastes better, is of better quality, is healthier, and is better for the environment if eaten at its source. When we began developing Grow for Good, I was exposed to the broader implications of sustainable and locally grown foods. With the help of our friend and philanthropic consultant Dominique Love and her company, Corporate Community Outsourcing, Food & Wine probed a little deeper -- and what we uncovered was nothing short of astonishing!