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Why Gail Simmons went green and why you should too!

Oct 7, 2007

9% of our red meat comes from foreign countries. Who wants meat that has traveled from so far away when America produces some of the best meat in the world?

The longer a product is required to travel, the more energy and fuel it requires, and therefore the higher volume of carbon emissions it releases into the already depleting atmosphere. Gross, right? So now what? Like me, you probably feel completely overwhelmed. Don't be. As Grow for Good has taught me, it's about evolution, not revolution -- and EVERY little bit counts. We cannot all be expected to become "Locavores" overnight. As my father always told me, if we know the facts and do our small part each day, it will add up to great change for the better.


Here are just a few of the things we can all do to Eat Green:

As often as you can, buy food from a farmer's market or farm stand. That way you can be sure most, if not all, of your money goes directly to the farmer.