Vicki Gunvalson

OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson shares tips on how she stays eco-friendly.

on Oct 31, 2007

In honor of "Green Is Universal" week, we asked Vicki Gunvalson some questions about the most important aspects of living a "green life" in Orange County. We learned a few things from her answers, and kinda want a salt-water pool now.

vivki_salt_320x240.jpg What would you say is the most important thing you do for the environment?

I use products for my home and in my life that are eco friendly or made of eco friendly material. For example, we have salt water pool as apposed to chemicals. I purchase organic foods and vegetables with no chemicals. When ever given a choice to purchase eco friendly products verses standard products manufactured without concern for the environment, I will always chose the eco friendly products, even if it is more expensive. What do you think is the single most irresponsible thing that ANYONE can do for the environment?

I think driving large vehicles with poor mileage that use a large amount of fossil fuels creates green house gases there by contributing to global warming. I actually bought Briana a smaller more economical car this year, and I no longer drive my Navigator as an everyday car. The larger, low mileage cars produce more carbon emissions. Carbon emissions breakdown the ozone layer, that is why the planet is getting warmer, therefore contributing to global warming. It is a REAL problem, and unless everyone gets on board we are going to have severe consequences in the future.