Find out how your pledge to reuse water bottles can make a difference.

During Green Week (Nov. 15-22nd), we're asking you to make one small change to help the environment -- and that change is to use reusable water bottles. For each pledge across all NBCU properties (up to $50K), NBC Universal will make a $1 donation to the FEED foundation.

What's the FEED Foundation? (We're glad you asked!)
The FEED Foundation is a a non-profit focused on key interventions to improve the global food system.

The FEED Foundation was founded in July 2008 by Ellen Gustafson and Lauren Bush to raise valuable funds and support for the United Nations World Food Program's school feeding efforts. The FEED foundation has extended its focus to look holistically at the global food system and find ways to make it better for all people.

FEED’s commitment is to ensure that all children are able to grow and thrive and better their communities through good nutrition and education. By extension, families (especially mothers), farmers and community health and education workers are essential to ensuring that the next generations will be healthier, better educated, and ready to make the world a better place.

Not only in far-away places, but right here in America, there are children suffering from food that makes them overweight and often still nutrient-deficient. Our own countries' children are not getting the opportunity to be the best they can be and we want to ensure that good nutrition in schools is valued for the children down the street as well as around the globe. Source:


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