Harry Potter Gets the Rodent Re-Do It Deserves with “Hamster Potter”

It’s better than the original, to be honest.

Harry Potter was a pretty outstanding wizard. He outlived Voldemort’s death spell as a mere baby, he won the Triwizard Tournament, he created Dumbledore’s Army… we could go on but we don’t really feel like spending more time Googling “Harry Potter’s accomplishments.”

That’s great and all, but do you know what would have made him even better? If Harry Potter were a hamster. And if Hermione and Ron were also hamsters. And if all the food in The Great Hall was teeny tiny because it was hamster food. And if the Quidditch players tried to eat their brooms because they’re hamsters and they like to chew sticks.

Thank you to Mashable for fulfilling our “Hamster Potter” wishes, and for featuring rescue hamsters from the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven.

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