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Champagne Flutes That Let You Cheers 2019 with Style

...because on NYE a plastic cup just doesn't cut it.

Solo cups are all well and good and, yeah, they definitely have their place, but there are certain moments in life when a plastic cup just won’t cut it — and if there’s one night of the year that this is especially true, it’s New Years Eve. 

I mean think about it a moment, when you’re standing there ready to greet 2019 in your sequined dress and stilettos (or even just very best set of PJs) there’s something more than a little anticlimactic about raising your glass to cheers your S.O. or bestie, but instead of that satisfying little clink, you get ... I don’t know, what sound does plastic even make?

So this year—along with my resolution to detox from my salted caramel addiction and live in the moment, and stop overdoing it on Instagram, and whatever else is on my must-change list — whew! — I’m resolving to celebrate another ball drop with a proper toast using one of the elegant sets ahead. Like maybe a pair of metallic flutes in that indulge my rose gold obsession. Or a set of stems shaped like the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler Building, Big Ben, Empire State — all the urban icons I hope to make it to in 2019. Or any of the other gilded, colorblocked, confetti-sprinkled options ahead.

VonShef Champagne Flutes


Anthropologie Champagne Coupes


Eparé Stemless Champagne Flutes


UO Colorblock Champagne Flutes


LSA Lulu Assorted Champagne Flutes Set


Godinger Traveler Champagne Glasses


LSA ‘Space’ Champagne Coupe Set of Two


Neiman Marcus Confetti Champagne Flutes, 4-Piece Set


Mint Pantry Champagne Coupe Glasses

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