Gregg on Prenups: "That's E-nup Already!"

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Gregg on Prenups: "That's E-nup Already!"

Gregg shares his thoughts on the prenup, the bridesmaids, and the new wedding planner.

Tonight’s show was packed with action. The prenup is something I don't see the need for, since we're not going to ever divorce again. A long time ago, remember when I had the cash and I was king, I didn't even think about such a thing. Things WERE different back then. I realize we know each other a whole lot better now since our divorce and the battles we went through. We went through some real sh--! I just feel like when we divorced, we didn't have a prenup then, and yes we went through it, but our disagreement was never over who got what or who paid what. So to me, a prenup is for what? But OK, I get it. If it makes you feel better about preventing future arguments, so be it, bring on the prenup. Truth is, WE WILL NEVER USE IT!
Did Peter give me good advice? Actually he did and I really did appreciate it. His advice helped me to say out loud the many things I know I failed in doing in this marriage. Although, his take on a prenup was a non-issue with him. I get it people. I get it!!! Bring the damn thing! Now let’s move on toward our wedding day. That’s e-nup already!