Gregg: "Weave is About to Fly!"

Gregg Is Ready to Do It All Again

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Bridesmaid-zillas and Wedding Planner Drama

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Gregg: "Weave is About to Fly!"

Gregg talks bridesmaid drama and bacon.

As I watched the show, I was hopeful that despite the hardships, this family WILL be together. There is nothing that would prevent me from fixing my family. I don’t care what I have to do, short of death, there is nothing in my way. I set the temperature of this family, and I’m choosing for it to be warm and loving. I will blend till my end. Feelings have been made known, and I accept my failings towards my children and my NeNe. I did fail! But you can be sure of this, the game is not over and I’m not about to quit or punt. I love my children, and I owe them for not being there. This is a debt I fully intend to pay with interest.