Bridesmaid-zillas and Wedding Planner Drama

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NeNe: "We Did It!"

Gregg on Prenups: "That's E-nup Already!"

Gregg: "Weave is About to Fly!"

Gregg's Basement Ballers

Was Diana's Point Valid?

NeNe: "A Pre-Nup is Not a Bad Thing"

Bridesmaid-zillas and Wedding Planner Drama

NeNe dishes on all the craziness surrounding the wedding planning.

A lot has happened in the past two episodes! First the bridesmaid-zillas! OK, I'll take the blame! I chose these girls, but I didn't choose their attitudes! Diana, Lexis, and Marlo are all at each other's throats for reasons I barely even know! I do know I’m caught in the middle. I also know I’m the bride and these ladies should have respect for that alone!

I decided to take them out for a cocktail to try an squash any beefs they were having. At this point they have agreed to kiss, hug, dance, makeup, and move on for the sake of me and the wedding. Let's see how long that last! My fingers are crossed!