Bridesmaid-zillas and Wedding Planner Drama

NeNe dishes on all the craziness surrounding the wedding planning.

A lot has happened in the past two episodes! First the bridesmaid-zillas! OK, I'll take the blame! I chose these girls, but I didn't choose their attitudes! Diana, Lexis, and Marlo are all at each other's throats for reasons I barely even know! I do know I’m caught in the middle. I also know I’m the bride and these ladies should have respect for that alone!

I decided to take them out for a cocktail to try an squash any beefs they were having. At this point they have agreed to kiss, hug, dance, makeup, and move on for the sake of me and the wedding. Let's see how long that last! My fingers are crossed!

The Wedding Planner: I don't have much to say about this, because what you saw is what it is! If you are following the blogs, you should know that Tiffany Cook is suing me! Blank stare! OK, now moving on!

Wedding Planner Tony Conway: Cynthia referred him to me a long time ago. I’m jumping for joy, because we have finally found someone that is willing to do the wedding planning and take some of the pressure off of me, which I thought was the whole purpose of hiring a planner! Tony totally impressed me, Gregg, and our creative director, Marlo! We totally connected with him! He was professional, on time for our meeting, didn't chew gum, didn't curse at me, and even set up a room with various wedding decor for me to look at. Tony will have his hands full with this one, so let's see how well he does! Gregg and I: The love we have is strong! Just know I love this man, and if I didn't, I wouldn't be re-marrying him!

Tune in next Tuesday @ 9pm on Bravo! I get all my bridesmaid-zillas beauty shots thanks to Dr. David Whiteman! You don't wanna miss this!

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Hugs, Kisses, and Stay Fabulous!

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NeNe: "We Did It!"

NeNe reflects on her big day with Gregg.

WE DID IT! This has been an amazing journey! It came full circle just like I prayed for! I went through so much to get to this point and going through is what brought me through. I can't tell you how it made me feel to have both my boys walk me down the aisle! It was indescribable and a true honor! Both of my boys were proud of me and Gregg! They looked absolutely handsome while shedding tears of joy.

My Bridesmaid-zillas were chosen because they all had touched my heart in different ways! I truly love them all, and they looked stunning! I truly wanted to honor them that day more than I wanted to honor myself.

Mr Gregg Leakes: I am honored to be your wife! You are strong, you are funny, and I never knew love until I found you! Let's make it last forever! I hope I have inspired couples around the world to believe in love and fight for their families!

Thank all of you who tuned in week after week and rooted for me and my family! Don't worry about missing me for long because you can catch me Sunday, Nov. 3rd as The Real Housewives Of Atlanta return to Bravo! Tune in!

Stay Fabulous,

Mrs. NeNe Leakes

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