Quiz: Can You Spot the Imposter Ingredient in These 10 Popular Foods?

in honor of Bravo's new show, Imposters, see if you can spot the fake ingredient in these recipes. 

It can be surprisingly hard to spot a fake. That applies to pretty much everything in life, and food is no exception. On Bravo's new scripted show Imposters, one guy learns the lesson the hard way when his newlywed wife hits the road with everything he owns, leaving only one question: #WhoIsShe? Luckily, when it comes to uncovering imposter ingredients lurking in our favorite foods, the stakes aren't quite as high.  

While Imposters has us asking how well we know our partner, we think an equally important question is: How well do we know our food? Think you have what it takes to spot the fake? 

See if you can find the imposter ingredient in these classic recipes, and tune into Imposters February 7th at 10/9c. 



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