7 Unanswered Questions From Imposters Finale That Still Haunt Us

Talk about cliff hangers! Get our list of Imposters mysteries that still need solving. 

When a show is named Imposters you can assume there's quite a lot of mystery going on. Who's conning who, what happened to that million dollar diamond ring, and how do you make a fake mustache are all valid questions to have this season. While most of them were all cleared up in that insane season finale, we were left with some burning queries on our minds. Take a look at our list below and try not to get too mad that we may never know the answers. But hey, it could be worse. Lenny Cohen could be after us, too. 

1.  What Actually Happened to Sally?

Max Betrays Sally
Sally broke the rules, and now she's facing the consequence: Lenny Cohen.

We saw her get into the car with Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman) after Max (Brian Benben) betrayed her - and we've seen evidence of what Lenny can do. But is that terrible fate what happened to sweet Sally (Katherine LaNasa)? Is it possible she got away with her life? Is she still running cons with the Doctor? Is she working with Lenny now? For Sally's sake, we sure hope so. 

2.  What are the Bumblers doing now?

Lenny Cohen Is Back and After Everyone...
After the Bumblers and Maddie pull off their biggest con yet, the Doctor sends his sharpest tool after them...

We know the Bumblers got a taste of the con and liked it - just look at Ez (Rob Heaps) stealing that diamond. Will conning be his life now? Will Richard (Parker Young) become a State Senator - even without Alice's help? Will Jules (Marianne Rendón) go back to her art now that she's creating again? Will this adorable team stick together and survive LENNY COHEN hunting them down?! Ugh, we have to know! 

3.  Where is Maddie going?

Why Maddie Became a Con Artist
Ezra Bloom has finally figured it out – and it brings them closer than ever.

So she didn't get on that bus with the gang, but where IS Maddie Jonson (Inbar Lavi) going? Will she finally be done with the game now that she's free? Or do old habits die hard? 

4.  What did Jules do?

Jules' Past Just Got Caught Up With Her
And it's not pretty.

We found out what was in Richard and Ezra's folders - Richie cheating a high school football game and Ezra's family issues - but what was in Jules' blackmail binder? It's been hinted at throughout the season - and we know it has something to do with her ex-roommate. But what exactly does the Doctor hold over Jules' head? Whatever it is, it's gotta be good.

5.  Is Patrick Campbell married?

Wait, Is Patrick Married IRL?
Maddie is the one grilling Patrick this time, and Patrick comes face to face with "the Doctor."

While we know a whole lot about Maddie's real life after that revealing finale, we have no idea what Patrick's life outside the con is like. His name is supposedly really Patrick (Stephen Bishop) - and his last name is Simons - but that's pretty much all we got. Does his heart really belong to someone else - or does Maddie have it after all? 

6.  Who is the Doctor?

The Doctor is In, And The FBI is Up Next
It all comes down to this moment – and the Doctor isn't who you think.

Sure, we've heard his voice and seen a glimpse of his face at this point, but who is the man that controls everyone? He must be pretty scary if he's got bad-ass Lenny Cohen on his payroll. And is he a real doctor? he was looking at x-rays that one time...but hard to say. And how did Maddie get involved with him in the first place? 

7.  Can Richard/Actor Parker Young say Bureau?

Behind Imposters: How Do You Say Bureau?
Apparently Parker Young has just as much trouble with the word as his character.

We have a feeling this will remain a mystery...

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