James Lipton

James Lipton shares his love for his beautiful wife.

on Apr 21, 2008

In fact, Kedakai is half Japanese and half Irish, which may explain her extraordinary beauty. You don't have to take my word for it. There are photographs of her in Inside Inside that make the case far better than any words of mine.

One photo is of a famous nude portrait of Kedakai, painted for a Paris Review poster by the artist Paul Davis. As I say in the book:

The poster hangs in the Plimpton salon on East Seventy-second Street, and in our home, and on the wall at Elaine's Restaurant, next to a bust of George, in a memorial to our departed friend. Elaine usually seats my guests and me at the table under it, where I preside beneath my wife's graceful form with understandable pride. There is another photograph of Kedakai in Inside Inside that has occasioned as much comment as anything else in the book. It's a card from the famous board game Clue on which Miss Scarlet, holding a long cigarette holder, glances seductively at the bearer of the card. Miss Scarlet is in fact my wife, Kedakai. Literally. On the card and the cover of the Clue box. As I wrote in the caption under the card: How many men can claim to be the husband of Miss Scarlet? It's unnerving, however, to discover that your wife committed the murder in the library with the candlestick. There's a lot more about Kedakai in the book. Thanks, Jenny, for asking how to pronounce her name. It gave me this opportunity to brag about her again.