James Lipton

Host James Lipton tells you what's coming up on 'Inside.'

on Aug 4, 2009

This blog is humbly and sincerely dedicated to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to respond to my previous ones. Before I began blogging several years ago, I had no idea what a pleasure it would be to find myself face-to-face, so to speak, with some of the viewers in the 89,000,000 homes we’re privileged to enter on Bravo in America, and in 125 countries around the world. When Mona Aho speaks to me from Helsinki, Finland, I listen – as I listen to all of you who voice your opinions on this site.

Honestly, encountering you via this blog is one of the unforeseen pleasures of the last fifteen years of Inside the Actors Studio.

And now we’re entering our Sixteenth Season, an honor of which all of us who create the show are keenly aware. Occupying an hour of the time of millions of people who have watched the show over the years isn’t just a privilege: it’s a responsibility. Our responsibility. To you.

To be precise: it’s a responsibility to bring to you the artists you’d like to sit down with in your living rooms, and to ask them the questions you would ask. That’s my mission during the two weeks of preparation for each guest: to intuit to the best of my ability not only what the artists know and think and care about, but what you know and think and, most important, care about. When, through good fortune, those two paths merge, I’ve done my job – and so has Inside the Actors Studio.