James Lipton

James discusses the records 'IAS' is breaking and examines the amazing bond between Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

on Feb 8, 2012

But the record that will be remembered longest by both our students and our viewers across America and around the world is the fact that within the span of ten days two of the most highly esteemed stars in the world can be seen on Bravo, virtually talking to each other as they approach the night when most observers believe one or the other of them will mount the stage to accept the Oscar as Best Actor.

The excitement and drama that will light up this year's Oscar night is there on our stage as they talk about their own work and the work of their friend, colleague, and competitor. When I finally asked Brad whether it was possible that each of them would end up voting for the other, he reflected for a moment, then observed calmly, "I would rather just recuse myself from voting altogether."

I suspect that George will do the same thing. This is a show of mutual respect that isn't normally associated with Hollywood. But it is par for the course with these two superstars and, in the view of our students, super human beings.

I won't reveal here the evening's most hilarious moments when I played a clip of George's claim that he was preparing a practical joke so diabolical that it could end Brad’s career, and Brad responded with the revelation that he had something in the works that would leave George' practical joke -- and George -- in the dust.

Tune in at 8 p.m. February 10 for all the revelations in this unique drama that is making TV history.