James Lipton

James gives you a peek into the show's next season, discusses Bradley Cooper's sexy pedigree, and answers a few questions.

on Dec 28, 2011

A splendid New Year to you all -- healthy and exciting and, if possible for every one of us, prosperous.

2012 marks one more significant milestone, not just for us at Inside the Actors Studio, but for television: we're entering our eighteenth season, which places us near the top of the list of the longest running series in television history. That is, to me, nothing short of miraculous when you consider that we began as a master-class in a Master's Degree program, the Actors Studio Drama School. . .and we are still a master's class in the Actors Studio Drama School, happily housed in New York's Pace University.

It's no secret that television has been famously wary of shows set in academia -- but in our case, the Bravo Network, and our viewers in 94 million homes in America and 125 countries around the world, have generously defied the taboo -- and the odds -- so, here we are, happily celebrating our eighteenth year by welcoming George Clooney to our stage for the first time, with more exciting guests to come as the season rolls on.

You'll be able to see the Clooney episode at 8 pm, January 31 on Bravo, and I urge you to join us for an in-depth conversation with a star of the first magnitude and an actor of great scope and skill, as both The Ides of March, which he wrote and directed and in which he stars, and The Descendants, in which he gives what some critics have called his greatest performance, head full-speed for the award season.