James Lipton

James gives you a peek into the show's next season, discusses Bradley Cooper's sexy pedigree, and answers a few questions.

on Dec 28, 2011

As always, I welcome these blogs as an opportunity to respond to some of you who have been kind enough to comment in the space provided by Bravo with my blog.

To Hobbits: Your response to the Bradley Cooper episode mirrors my own and that of our students, which was, I think evident when you watched it. You weren't alone, Hobbits. Few of the more than 250 episodes of Inside, with its roster of stars, have equaled the explosive public response to Coop's appearance -- on the very stage before which he sat mesmerized when he was a student in our school.

He is our first, and surely not our last, student to vault into the stratosphere of our profession, but he is the first to be declared The Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Lest anyone reading this misunderstand, our school doesn't offer a course in "Sexiness," but, as his fellow students will attest, that's something that arrived with him when he crossed our threshold, and nothing we taught him in any way diminished it.

Mainly he's a hugely gifted, and we maintain superbly trained, actor who proves the common wisdom that when you combine natural gifts and strong technique, what comes out is. . .well, Bradley Cooper.