15 Times Bryan Cranston Ruled Twitter

Cooking meth in underwear isn't the only thing he's good at...

Whether breaking bad as Walter White, making us laugh as Hal on Malcom in the Middle, or cleaning Jerry Seinfeld's teeth, Bryan Cranston pretty much rules the small screen. But TV this isn't the only screen that he's rockin' lately - the star shines pretty bright in the form of 140 characters. That's right, if you haven't been following Cranston on Twitter you are living life all wrong. Check out the best of his Tweets below, and be sure to watch his sitdown with James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio November 25th at 8/7c! 

1When this was his Prof Pic.

2That time he wanted to be a Kardashian.

3When he turned a SAG award nom into the best Dad joke.

4When Weird Al wasn't weird enough.

5When he finally made the Superbowl interesting.

6When he spilled the tea on 'Modern Family.'

7When Conan was his dream girl.

8When he helped Michael Phelps reach Olympic gold.

9When he called himself a jackass.

10When this was his favorite Golden Globes moment.

11When he met the most interesting man in the world.

12This Seinfeld reference.

13When he is as excited as fans over real life Heisenbergs.

14When he said what we were all thinking.

15And finally...Handerpants


Be sure to catch Bryan Cranston on Inside the Actor's Studio November 25th at 8/7c! 




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