#TBT: 8 Pics of Sarah Silverman Before She Ruled Comedy

Before Sarah Silverman joins James Lipton on 'Inside the Actor's Studio', see the star before she was a stand-up icon. 

So much of being on Inside the Actors Studio is looking back. As we can see from the clip above, Sarah Silverman's hilarious and controversial humor started at a young age. What better way to celebrate Sarah's IAS appearance on October 22 at 8/9c then with some glorious throwback photos? Check out below and see Sarah Silverman go from Bedwetter to comic genius.

1.  She might have wet the bed, but she did it in style.

Making the best of being a bedwetter at sleep-away camp for 8 weeks

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2.  That bowl cut though.

3.  Nothing like a glamour shot in a sweater.

4.  Live from Instagram, it's Saturday Night!

HERE I CAME #SNL OCT 4 @nbcsnl

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5.  We are living for these bangs.

6.  She's been giving face since the beginning.

My Mork from Ork suspenders. I wouldn't take them off

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7.  She's been rocking those signature pigtails for years.

I, Punky #FBF

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8.  Last, but certainly not least.


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