Ryan's Not So Sexy Style

September 10, 2013 • 2:58 PM ET
A BEAUTY AND A BEAST Ryan and Jordan live in Encino, California. According to Jeff, Ryan is a huge prick married to a pushover. His decorating is cheesy and early ‘90s. The living room has 1989 details that have to go. Ryan tells us his home is...
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Operation Love is a Success!

August 27, 2013 • 6:24 PM ET
Will the Girls Take It to the Next Level? Danielle is a Dog Groomer.Kenia is a Behavioral Specialist.They have been living together for five and a half years. Kenia says Danielle has a "strong personality," which translates as Danielle gets things...
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Jeff's Childhood Nightmares

August 21, 2013 • 9:57 AM ET
Flying Sofas We venture to Echo Park California.Jessika is an artist and Christian a Visual FX Producer. The place is full of Jeff's childhood nightmares. They were married by the Easter bunny, which Jeff finds freaky. Disturbing dolls and...
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The Bickering Beechers

August 13, 2013 • 6:13 PM ET
Beecher's Madhouse Beer cans next to the toilet.Socks on the floor.Pizza boxes everywhere.Welcome to the Beechers!This couple clearly has a power struggle. It was a mess, and not just their space. Crystal tells Brian, "You don't know what proper...
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Hayden's Home Takeover

August 6, 2013 • 11:40 AM ET
Hayden's Home Takeover Samantha and Stewart Bick live in Beverly Hills with their three year old son Hayden. Jeff and I walked into their home and immediately realized who dominated their 90210 space.  Sure, Stewart is in the business of...
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Jeff Conquers the Castle

July 30, 2013 • 2:20 PM ET
Where There's a Moat, There's a Way Lisa and Adam are a newly married couple who live in Beachwood Canyon in a castle...complete with moat and armor. Adam’s father Chuck built the castle in the mid-1970s. His father died five years ago, and...
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