Jeff Lewis

Jeff wonders whether Bravo is secretly trying to kill him off with this show.

Mar 14, 2012

Bravo has decided to put me in a series where I move into a home for a week with total strangers. I have begun to wonder if, like in a sitcom, they are trying to kill off my character. Without a script to determine my fate, I guess they have elected to put me in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous situations and watch what happens.

My first client was a wealthy family living in an exclusive Brentwood community. I really had no complaints about the situation. Truthfully, when I walked in to the Steinbeck's home, it took me a while to understand what they needed from me. Felice, the family matriarch, had done a nice job with the design of the space. It was a little antiseptic, but tasteful. After touring the upstairs, I located the problem. Felice and Michael were sleeping in a small bedroom and shared a bathroom with their two daughters. As they explained the story of their nightmare kitchen remodel, it made sense why the upstairs living situation had not been addressed and remedied. Remodeling just wasn't a process they wanted to continue on their own.